Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Company of Cats + Chinatown explorin'

The weather here is insanely hot these weeks and I'm dying for a holiday in a cooler country, but nope, no chance of that happening anytime soon so the next best thing is an adventure here in sunny Singapore. This time, it's cat cafe hopping! Being a dog person, I've never quite understood the hype about cat cafes, but it sounded like a fun way to spend an afternoon. 

Tourists frequent Chinatown more than locals do, but it was still a culturally cool place to explore and take photos at.

Hello Belle! We were told she's the most popular beauty of the cafe, and we could see why. Such beautiful soft fur...

My favorite prince Elliot :') 
He was so elegant in a masculine kind of way, he was almost regal. Elliot was the cat that made the dog-loving me want a cat in my life. Now I understand what a person could feel for a cat! One of my future goals is to buy a cat exactly like him and name it Elliot as well 

SO cute. We got free drinks with entry, like clubs hahaha. Everything was cat-themed, which makes it worth the price I suppose. With girls, it's all about how cute/pretty the packaging is ;) 

A cute little room for the cats to do their business, or simply to get some privacy

I could not leave Elliot alone even though he did nothing but snooze around.

This cat sat there for half an hour looking out the window, I think it's contemplating the deep meaning of life. I like you, contemplative cat 

Aw Belle

My first experience at the Company of Cats was a great one, I am definitely going to go back there again soon. Friendly staff, cozy ambience, good indie background music with adorable, adorable cats! Afterwards I went to town for some Genki with Jian Kai. I've been frequenting the place this holiday because it is so good. As I told my boyfriend, a Japanese person could go to Genki and not feel like shaking their heads and throwing their sushi back to the conveyer belt. Come to think of it, there are actually lots of good food at Orchard Gateway: Supply & Demand, Genki, EWF, Daessiksin, just to name a few.

Look at the poached egg tempura. Just look at it. LOOK AT THE SOFT YOLK OOZING OUT. I loved it even though some may find it ordinary tasting

Mmmh, Genki. You can never go wrong, never.

Before I end this blog entry, I've also created an ask.fm! ask.fm/jacquelineho. Talk to me, whether you know me irl or not, I'm always up for a good chat and the possibility of making new friends :)