Thursday, 27 August 2015

UK 2013

Dug up a lot of travel photos for my magazine project and I'll be uploading them here because these are the memories I want to look back on. About two years ago I went on a road trip around England, Scotland and Wales with my family, and it's still one of my favorite trips up to date. Back then, I was going through a tough heartbreak and escaping Singapore into the lush English countryside was the best way to heal, do some soul-searching and reflect. I wrote in my diary everyday, breathed in the fresh spring air, drank a lot of tea, ate a lot of English breakfasts, and came back a looooot happier. In a way, England helped me to grow because it reminded me of the millions of things and people I could love besides that one person, and mannn was I right about that. Lesson: if you're going through a hard time, book a ticket and get out for a while because travelling is ALWAYS the best therapy.

I've always loved all things British... Their lifestyle, Harry Potter, tea and biscuits, Zoella, The 1975 and of course the English accent!! England is a beautiful, beautiful place and I hope to live there someday.