Friday, 23 October 2015

when life sucks, listen to good music

oh hell, even the bus is giving me crap. I must have missed six 190s because I can't bear the thought of standing the whole time. why is one empty bus so hard so come by? why must I end work at peak hour? why must i stay so far away from everywhere? yeah, it's just the terrible mood I'm in now... a toxic mood.

on the rare occasions that I'm this upset, my boyfriend becomes my unofficial punching bag. the poor guy is taking my shit as much as he can, because he's standing by the mandatory "I'll always be there for you" promise. that shows that he's a truly keeper, but I'm not about to let him know that at the moment.

my boyfriend aside, my friends and my music playlist are like smoothing balm on my open wound. they're pretty much the only ones on earth who I don't feel like murdering right now. I literally just mentally cursed an old man simply because he stood in front of me, so you can pretty much see my current (violent) state of mind. 

friends and music, no matter what, always make life better. and I guess that's why you don't lose yourself when you get into a relationship.