Friday, 22 August 2014


Took a "break" from my intense assignment-killing spree last week to work at a 2 day event @ Marina Barrage. It was exhausting standing under the hot sun for hours but it was fun spending time with friends and the cute little kids we met at our game booth :') 

School-wise, things has been nothing short of hellish. The assignments are relentless and problems between groupmates arise all the time... The seniors and teachers weren't kidding when they said that year 2 sem 1 is the toughest sem in DMC ever. On the bright side: all this comes to an end next wednesday. Freedom is so very close, just one CA left! I can't imagine how happy I'll be when all this is over, I'll probably dunk my head in ice water like the ALS ice bucket challenge AHAHHA. 

Today we got Radio TV & Productions over and done with. I'll miss RTPM, everything about it was fun, even the CAs. Our final live show was about how to survive in Singapore Poly, with a TFIOS twist.

Parang Productions x The Fault is All Yours 

So glad we managed to pull off a great show today, against the odds.