Thursday, 14 August 2014

No.1 / beginnings

I'm back here on Blogger because lately my thoughts are getting so loud and jumbled up and just plain messy. Everyone has "outlets" for stress and all things bad and negative, like going for a run or punching pillows or binge shopping or something, and my preferred method of clearing my head is writing. Blogging, writing, poetry, whatever. Any form of writing, really.  My thoughts start out as messy tangled bits of junk and turn into more peaceful and kinder ones after they've flowed out as words. I need more places to write in, because apparently my 5 moleskines and private twitter and tumblr isn't enough lul. I held off blogging for quite some time because I wasn't sure if I could stay committed and I hate starting something and not following through it. Here's hoping that this blog will hold many happy memories for years to come.

till then