Saturday, 30 May 2015

Paradise close to home

I now have a new description for Batam: paradise close to home. Last week, I went for another weekend getaway to Batam, staying at two places this time, and came back feeling so refreshed and content with life. Who knew our little neighbour had such lovely resorts?

Turi Beach

Armpit scrubs or genital care anyone? 

Montigo Resorts

Thank you for the trip, my love.

Turi Beach: A quiet, quaint resort with a private beach and a rainforest-like feel. Every corner of the place was beautiful and the lobby made a great first impression. The room has the comfiest beds and a really spacious bathroom in which I had the best hot showers. The staff was great, to the point where they may be over-eager at times - popping into our room unnecessarily with extra bottles of water. However, both the breakfast and dinner buffets were rather disappointing, as with the Indonesian massage I had at the Tspa. I like my massages with the hardest level of pressure and even after telling the lady my request, I didn't get the satisfaction I was after. The weather was the most disappointing of all, we had the misfortune of experiencing a violent thunderstorm that shocked me awake... Which is why I couldn't enjoy the place as much, bcuz enjoying the pool or lazing around on the hammock by the beach as out of the question. Would I come back here? Nope, but it was still an enjoyable stay. 

Montigo Resorts: OMG SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE ME BACK HERE! It's been a week and I'm still suffering severe withdrawal symptoms from this amazing place. I've seen many pictures of Montigo on Instagram and before my stay I thought that it was so overrated because just about everyone came here and it didn't look anything special... And now I can't stop raving about it! This was the first resort I stayed at that had a certain vibe to it. It was a place where all my worries and thoughts melted away and everything was suspended in sweet bliss. I felt like I was on vacation somewhere far away, even though I was just 30 minutes from Singapore. It was truly paradise. 

During my stay I experienced excellent service, fun buggy rides, soft beds... What else? Oh yes, the seafood and breakfast buffets were seriously QUALITY, comprising of mostly live stations where they cook seafood and grill turkey bacon right in front of your eyes, so you know that you're eating the freshest food. Also, the pasta station is like no other. The creamy carbonara was unforgettable, it was so so good. Even though there aren't many activities to do at Montigo, the 3-storey villas are more than enough to keep you entertained. I especially loved the private pool, the rooftop and the giant master bathroom. I vow to own all of those things one day :') It was a pity that I didn't take more pictures of the place, especially of the rooftop. Overall, I'd rate this place 4.5/5!!! x