Thursday, 23 July 2015


There's just something about time and the way it flies by so fast and here I am, a year 3 polytechnic student, in the middle of my last school term before graduating in a couple of months... It's time to think about the future, which strangely doesn't scare me at all. In fact, I'm beyond excited to to finally move on to another chapter of life, leaving SP and the life of a teenager behind.

One thing's for sure, I'm definitely going overseas. And I don't know when or whether I'm ever coming back. Another thing's for sure, I'm headed to the land down under, yes I'm coming for you soon NZ or AUS! Melbourne is my top top top top choice for so many reasons and I'll literally die if I get shipped off to anywhere else, but NZ will always be a great plan B in case anything horrific happens. Other than driving me restless with excitement, the thought of finally leaving Sg gives me a whole new perspective of things while I'm still here. These days when I go about my daily routine, I look around at the places and people around me and try to memorize them just the way they are, seizing the precious few months left with them. I'm going to miss my friends and family so much. It's an odd feeling to walk around the streets of Singapore, taking in the familiar buildings and the constant sound of the MRT trains and think that one day soon, these everyday sights will just be something I see once or twice a year. Just a mere memory. I've always felt trapped and unhappy here but it's hard to feel hostile towards a country you know you're gonna leave behind soon. You may even grow to like it a little.

Career paths
I'm so clueless on this one because after all, I'm just a naive 19 year old student with lofty dreams and no experience in the "real world". But here goes.
1. Travel magazine? Two of my favorite things in one. This will be the ultimate dream, especially if it's my own! I'm currently having a taste of what it's like running a travel magazine for my Writing Lab module and my, am I loving it. I feel inspired and excited for every lesson/group meeting, which is something I never felt before, and I believe that's how it should be if you're working on something you love.
2. SPH? If I come back to Sg, this is probably the safest choice. I could always go back after my internship. Any government-related company is always a safe choice.
3. Some indie media company? The most important thing I want in a job is a healthy work environment where everyone feels comfortable in, and when I picture "indie media company" I picture a mix of cool geeks and creative, open-minded, well-spoken people who lead such interesting lives that they ain't got no time for office drama (that's probably in the fashion media line I guess) and we'll probably have a cat in the office because you know, hipster.
4. National Geographic, Animal Planet, etc? This one is high up on my list. I love documentaries and how they raise awareness about the little-known issues around the world. This would be something I am most passionate about.
5. Or I could just be a tai-tai. Hahaha I'm actually being serious, this is a very possible option.

I've got all these plans but you'll never know what life has in store for you. The day it comes is the day you'll know for sure x