Thursday, 5 March 2015

You're cold and I burn, I guess I'll never learn

lol ur matt healy (n i fkin love u)

Never in my life will I ever forget the amazing time I had singing and dancing along to the 1975 and chancing upon MATT FKIN HEALY outside 7-11. He was buying cigarettes and we were SO lucky to happen to be there during that time. When we first saw him I began shaking so hard that Sarah had to calm me down with a pep talk before we went up to him and introduced ourselves. The fan girl in me choked and died when I heard his British accent in real life. And seeing those curls!!! The man is beautiful. As for his behavior, Matty so nice and chill, not snobbish at all! I know the 1975 is now considered mainstream and the real indie kids will probably roll their eyes when I say this, but they will always, always be one of my favorite bands ever. It was wonderful watching from grow from a largely unknown band with just 200k views on YouTube to where they are today. They deserve every bit of success they are experiencing now :''') EVERY. SINGLE. BIT.