Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Nights in Holland Village

It is always hard to watch the ones you care about get hurt by life's inevitable pains. Not just people close to you, like your sister or your best friend, but casual friends and acquaintances as well. People you don't talk to very often but still keep up with because you actually do (still) care. You stand there by the sidelines silently, watching as life breaks their spirit and tests their every ounce of their strength and sanity, knowing there's nothing you can do but hold them close and hope they get a good night's rest instead of or crying themselves to sleep or drinking until they pass out. My love and concern goes to everybody going through a tough time. It saddens me because I know how painful those times can be, and I don't want anyone to go through that. Yes, I know tough times is so necessary and it's taught me some of the best lessons I've learnt, and choosing to move on from everything that was hurting me was the best decision I've made up to date. But imagine a world where tough times weren't necessary to learn important life lessons? Where everyone was born good and kind? Where there is no sadness and guilt and heartbreak? My idealist tendencies carry me too far away. I can not stop dreaming.